Upper Key Stage 2

The National Curriculum 2014

At Montagu Academy, we have developed a curriculum which meets all national requirements and is relevant, progressive and most importantly of all, fun! 

The academy has adopted the National Curriculum 2014. To find out what is covered in each subject please explore our curriculum pages.

Upper Key Stage Two Curriculum

In Year 5 and 6, we strive to bring the curriculum alive through the implementation of exciting Science, History and Geography led topics, through which the creative arts are woven.  Whether stepping back in time to the Victorian Era or experiencing the vibrance of Mexico; the children are immersed in learning that is driven by their own inquisitive nature in order to develop every child’s personality, talent and ability to the full. Theme days; in school experiences or visits out of school enhance their experiences and aim to ‘hook’ the children into their learning.

In addition to this, we teach discrete sessions in Maths, English, Spelling, Reading, French and Physical Education. The children also develop their Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education, as well as learn about Fundamental British Values, through a PSHCE and RE program.

In Mathematics, the children are taught a same day intervention approach – delivering fluency and mastery of the National Curriculum objectives. The children also have access to the Times Table Rockstar website, which provides a fun, yet educational way of supporting the learning multiplication tables.

In English, the children are inspired through quality texts, animations and various other stimulus such as historical events to help create imaginative and lively writing, spanning a wide range of genres. We also enjoy whole class reading, which enables lively discussion and an in-depth knowledge of three novels per year group. This year, Year 5 children will be studying ‘Cool’, ‘Street Child’ and ‘Who let the Gods out’.  Year 6 children will be studying ‘Black Powder’, ‘The boy in the stripped Pyjamas’ and ‘Floodland’.

Year 5

Dominic Fawcett
Helen Miller
Catherine Clemitshaw
Teaching Assistant
Annette Lawcock
Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Lauren Whiting
Sophie Ogden
Karen Stinson
Teaching Assistant
Andrea Andrews
Teaching Assistant

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