Wash Bags for the NHS

Kath Smales, a Teaching Assistant at the Montagu Academy Mexborough, has been busy making ‘scrubs wash bags’ for the brilliant and dedicated staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. In three days she has made and donated 75 bags to the hospital.

The bags are designed to put the staff’s dirty scrubs in to avoid them contaminating anything else before they are washed. The clothes are laundered inside the bag.

Kath wanted to make the bags as a way of saying thank you to the amazing staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and the NHS for everything they do, and their bravery in this difficult time. She hoped that they would make the staff feel a little bit safer when taking their work clothes home.

After using a most of the material available to her from her own home, Kath and her family posted notes to their neighbours asking if they had any unwanted material they wouldn’t mind donating to help her cause. She was absolutely overwhelmed by the response and generosity of her neighbours, with dozens of large bags of unwanted sheets being left safely at the top of her driveway. Some even enclosed kind notes; with one including a beautiful letter describing his and his wife’s own experience of working at the hospital.