Shakespeare Week in Year 6

At the end of September, Year 6 participated in Shakespeare week – and what a week it was!

For the past 7/8 years, we have hosted Richard and Jules from a company called ‘Finding the Will’ ( for a week long workshop. Each year the children have amazed us with their confidence and enthusiasm and this year was no different.

On the first day, the children took part in a workshop where they learnt the play ‘Hamlet’. Before the workshop started, several children were nervous about what lay ahead. It is a daunting prospect for anyone to know that, in just 5 days, they would be learning a Shakespearean play and then performing it in front of their family and friends. As the workshop progressed, it was fabulous to see the children become engrossed in the story.

Throughout the rest of the week, the children rehearsed their scene (or in some cases scenes), learning their lines diligently. Despite a few last minute substitutions, the show went fabulously and the children really did us proud. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm shown by all but especially those who were nervous initially. Well done Year 6!!!!