Conrad Burdekin Visits Year 4

On the 24th of January, year 4 had the delight of being part of a 'Silly Poetry' workshop. This workshop was delivered by Conrad Burdekin, a local poet from West Yorkshire.

The children worked with Conrad to create rhyming poems, silly poems and riddle for their friends and parents to solve. The day was filled with laughter, joy and excitement as the children created and performed their riddles and poems.

Here is one of the riddles class 4AM created for you to solve!

What am I?

Sometimes I am quiet

Sometimes I am loud

I like to be with people

Not always in a crowd

My friends can be quite squishy

And sometimes saggy too

Everyone has got one

Including, even YOU!

I am rather cheeky

Sometimes soft and smooth

As I’m walking down the street

I wobble when I move

When I’m in the classroom

Sometimes I go numb

What on earth am I?

I’m a ...