Year 6 residential

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Dallowgill and have fond memories of it as a place you may have visited if you were a past pupil at Mexborough school. Mexborough School (now known as The Laurel Academy) joined Delta Trust in November 2018. The school had previously been gifted a small outdoor centre in the 1970’s in the Yorkshire Dales . The building had not been used as an outdoor pursuits centre for some time and had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Originally built in 1640, Dallowgill School was a National Society of the Church of England School. After years of exchanging hands, ownership was officially passed to Delta in June 2019, with exciting future plans. Extensive refurbishment and extension to the site was granted in order to create an outdoor education centre which will benefit Delta students across every school.

The centre has now been extended and significantly remodelled. The facility will be available for use by all Delta schools, supporting enrichment across the curriculum, giving students access to nature and learning important life skills. The local farmers have offered to support us and have agreed access to the farms and Yorkshire Water have agreed to allow us use of land adjacent to the centre for parking and camping. Inside the facility, there is accommodation for extended visits, washrooms, classrooms and a kitchen. Externally, a BBQ and a fire pit has been established.

The very exciting news is the centre is now ready for it’s first visitors and Montagu year six pupils have been selected to be the very first set of pupils to go.

The residential experience is planned as a two-night visit. 6KM to visit Monday 20th September and return Wednesday 22nd and 6DA to visit Wednesday 22nd September and return Friday 24th.