Key Stage 1

The National Curriculum 2014

At Montagu Academy, we have developed a curriculum which meets all national requirements and is relevant, progressive and most importantly of all, fun! 

The academy has adopted the National Curriculum 2014. To find out what is covered in each subject please explore our curriculum pages.

Key Stage One Curriculum

Throughout KS1, children experience a varied but balanced curriculum that addresses science, history, geography and ICT through a topic based approach. We seek opportunities for children to be creative through these topics and art, music, design technology are interwoven and linked to the subject matter being taught. In addition, we teach discrete sessions in Maths, English, Phonics, Computing and Physical Education.

In order for children to decode words and read fluently, they need a good grasp of phonics and as a result, this is taught daily using Letters and Sounds. The aim is to build up children's speaking and listening skills and to develop their phonic knowledge, preparing them to read and become life long readers.  We also enjoy whole class reading, which enables class discussion and the children gain a much deeper understanding of three high quality and challenging story books over the academic year.

In Mathematics, children are taught using a Same Day Intervention (SDI) approach which delivers fluency and mastery of the National Curriculum objectives. Children also have access to the Times Table Rockstar website, providing a fun, yet educational way of supporting the learning of multiplication tables. 

Our work goes further than the classroom, so we work outside in the school grounds; in the local environment of Mexborough and also beyond the boundaries of Doncaster. Year 2 for example, are really looking forward to their visit to the seaside!